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Zhangjiajie Huanglong Scenic Area has a Fine Order

Entered into the flood season, Huanglong scenic area vigorously promotes the safety production management,To ensure the tour order orderly.The scenic spot has a daily average of more than 3,000 people since June scenic spot.

Days of rain weather, it brings some inconvenience, but do not affect the mood of visitors to travel.In Huanglong hole ecological square, wet stone path, the well seedlings, sunflower and leisurely rotating water wheels are in a variety of beautiful posture to welcome the people in an endless stream of visitors.

In order to ensure the satisfaction in Zhangjiajie, Huanglong scenic organization makes some inside and outside the security measures, to strengthen the safety guide in the process of service.At present, Huanglong scenic area make an appointment to visit at night, “Misty Rain Zhangjiajie” large-scale performances are in normal operation.

Translated by Sophia