3rd Zhangjiajie National Landscape Photography Exhibition Concluded

On October 10, the 3rd Zhangjiajie (Wulingyuan) National Landscape Photography Exhibition announced 185 excellent works after final evaluation, including “Feng Lin Da Guan” (The Wonder of Karst Mountains) taken by celebrated local photographer Sun Jianhua. The exhibition organizing committee received around 40,000 works submitted by over 30,000 domestic and oversea photographers.

The one-year great photography event was launched on July 1st last year,  setting seven exhibition sections for cliffs, valleys, water, caves, organisms, folk cultures, and city or town landscapes. It was expected that via the form of photography, such travel resources in Zhangjiajie as unique geology and topography, natural scenery, and folk cultures would be fully displayed and thus further enhance the popularity of Zhangjiajie worldwide.

Translator: Li Xuan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal