Zhangjiajie Huanglong Cave Welcomed the World’s Prestigious Sculpture Masters

At 17:00PM, October 12th, 17 world’s first-class sculpture masters from 17 countries paid a visit to Ecological Square of Huanglong Cave. They not only gave highly appraise of the design concept that combined modern with tradition, culture with nature, But also enjoyed “Misty & Rainy Zhangjiajie”, A large-scale ethnic cultural show.

“We hope to make a wide cooperation with these world-class masters to create more excellent products based on the beautiful rivers and mountains of Zhangjiajie. We will show Zhangjiajie to the world through promoting, introducing, communicating and cooperating”, Lei Yixin, one of the sculpture masters said. They are going to take part in the 2014 China International Sculpture Arts Museum. Later, They will visit Yuanjiajie, Tianmenshan and Phoenix Ancient Town for more creation inspiration.

Translated by Zumi