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24th Asian Cup Table Tennis Tournament in Changsha

The drawing of lots ceremony for the 24th Asian Cup Table Tennis Tournament took place on September 27 in Changsha. 30 women and men table tennis players including some Ping pong stars like Ma Long, Guo Yan, Guo Yue, Wang Yuegu and Jiang Huajun entered for the games.  The Asian Cup is an annual table tennis tournament held by the Asian Table Tennis Union (ATTU). The 24th Asian Cup 2011 was scheduled in March 26-27, Yokahama, Japan. It was postponed due to the devastating earthquake in Japan this March, and rescheduled for Sept. 28-30 in Changsha, China.

Chinese men team is comprised of Ma Long and Xu Xin. The former will compete against Tang Peng from Hong Kong, Chan Kazuhiro from Japan and Yang Zi from Singapore and the latter will challenge Kim Min-Seok from Korea, Jiang Tianyi from Hong Kong and Jiang Penglong from Chinese Taipei. Chinese woman player Guo Yan will compete with Jiang Huajun from Hong Kong, Li Jiawei from Singapore and Ai Fukuhara from Japan. 2009 Asian Cup women champion Guo Yue will meet her competitors Tie Yana from Hong Kong, Seok Eun-Mi from Korea and Huang Yiye from Chinese Taipei.

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal