Zhangjiajie Airport Breaks Through One Hundred Thousand Passenger Flow Volume

Up to 10:21, November 7th, Zhangjiajie airport has received one hundred thousand entry-exist personnel. And entry-exist flights has increased to 781 from 309 originally, which doubles the amount of 2012. That also makes a new record since the opening of Zhangjiajie air port.

Since Zhangjiajie airport’s opening wider to outside world in 2011, entry-exist flights and passenger volumes keep increasing. In 2011, Entry-exist volume is 7,865, then in 2012, that gains to 44,553 and in 2013, The volume breaks through one hundred thousand.

This year, Zhangjiajie-Taiwan airline successfully opened, Korea airline become mature and Thailand airline gets exploited gradually. As for international airlines’ volume, it gets to 7 from 4 last year. Involving airline companies also increases to 11 from 5. Analyzing from the structure of entry-exist personnel, Korean takes for the most part, its proportion is 57%.

Translated by Becky