23 National Flags Decorate Ecological Square of Yellow Dragon Cave

It has been over a month since the closing ceremony of third Zhangjiajie International Music Week was held at Yellow Dragon Cave. Even though the Music Week has gone, flags of 23 countries still flutter in the ecological square of Yellow Dragon Cave, which forms a beautiful scene.

At the entrance of Square of Yellow Dragon Cave, On the five propaganda column shows maps of five continents and 23 national flags stand upright beside the map. Especially under the background of green mountain and blue water, flags are sparkling under blue sky. At the same time, representative songs of different nations continuously played. What a harmonious scene!

After the closing ceremony, the stage and other decorations were remained to let more tourist get close to and know more about Country Music Week. The International Country Music Week has successively held for three times. In the future, Zhangjiajie will be built into a holy land of international country music week every one yearns for.

By Patricia