217 Flood-affected Scenic Spots Resume Operation

Two hundred and seventeen Hunan scenic spots, once closed due to torrential rains, were reopened, as announced by the Hunan Tourism Development Committee (HTDC) on July 12, 2017. The provincial scenic areas are stepping up dredging, repairing scenic roads, and purchasing repair facilities and equipment.

Heavy rains hit 267 tourist attractions of 13 cities and one prefecture in Hunan since late June, resulting in 2.072 billion yuan direct economic loss. The HTDC issued an emergency notice on June 23 night, requiring a temporary closure of affected scenic areas when necessary. Up till July 5, the travel safety risk tips and the scenic spots off list have been promptly reported for 13 consecutive days, which is the first time in Hunan and rarely seen nationwide. In the meantime, the administrative, legal, information technology, industry self-discipline, and publicity instruction approaches were made to mobilize all the provincial travel system personnel to participate in flood control and disaster relief. There has been no tourist casualty, thanks to the scientific and active arrangement. 

At present, the focus of travel industry has shifted from flood control to resume production, with relevant scenic areas actively repairing road, dredging pavement, reconstructing facilities, and assessing safety. The HTDC asked for early restore and reopen of closed scenic areas while ensuring security. As of 11:00 on July 11, only 50 scenic spots remain closed.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang