2017 Dragon Boat Festival(Duanwu) Celebrations

Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu Festival) falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. For thousands of years, the Festival has been characterized by dragon boat racing, and eating Zongzi. This holiday will provide ample chances for all to be involved in celebrations.

It is a folk festival widely passed down with a history of over two thousand years, and one of the most important festivals as well. There are various celebrating activities on the day of Dragon Boat Festival, among which eating rice dumplings (Zongzi, the steamed glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves) and dragon boat race are important customs.

There will be a 3-day holiday for the coming Dragon Boat Festival, starting from May 28 (Sunday) to May 30 (Tuesday, the Dragon Boat Festival).

As Dragon Boat Festival is not included in the highway toll-free dates like Spring Festival, Tomb-sweeping Festival and National Day Holiday, passenger cars with seven seats or less have to pay highway tolls as usual.

Translator: Xiao Juan