2014 Zhangjiajie Outdoor Cycling Carnival Activity is to kick off in Nov

Large-scale outdoor activities will take place in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park from November 8th to 10th,2014, Including “Yellow Stone Village”Cup thousand-people crossing fields on foot, Extreme Cycling Challenge Race as well as “Xidesheng Cup” Riding through Wulingyuan Cycling Race and “Tianlu” Cycling Challenge Race. For the moment, nationwide outdoor lovers are running wild to register.

The same Zhangjiajie but with different outdoor heaven, The reason for the current hit is due to the green, low-carbon theme as well as world-grade tourist resources of Zhangjiajie. Some applicants expressed that “Zhangjiajie shows a example for green outing and healthy life, and we can pass it on through cycling race”.

Translated by Zumi