30 Mainstream Provincial DJS Toured and Broadcast in Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan

A media group teamed 30 provincial mainstream DJS from Fujiang, Tianjing, Neimengu, Jiangsu, Shanxi etc., Organized by Economic Channel of Hunan People’s Broadcasting Station, arrived in Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan, on October 27th.

The DJS let its usual rigorous style go totally to a relaxed casual one, Laughing and screaming all the way from the cableway to the glass lane. Even so, They would not forget their working responsibilities. Some of them covered and connected their own channels on live, showing their excited and scared real mood on the grass lane to audience.

In the evening, The group would watch the first world’s large mountainou scanyon music show “Tianmen Fox Fairy”. “Climbing Tianmenshan in the day, Watching Tianmen Fox Fairy in the evening” has become a classic and popular route for travelers. Those DJS also shared it with more audience through their own experiences.

Translated by Zumi