2013 Zhangjiajie.Hunan Bicycle League Will Kick off on Oct 19th

Low carbon lifestyle is the yelling and national call in present.In order to strengthening the idea of protecting our environment by choosing a green going-out lifestyle, 2013 Zhangjiajie.Hunan bicycle league is going to be held in Tianmen Mountain on Oct 19th.

This activity aims to enhance the awareness as well as the importance of environment protection and energy reduction. Zhangjiajie Sports Bureau and Wulingyuan government are jointly in charge of this activity.

On Oct 19th, media such as CCTV-5, Hunan ETV,Zhangjiajie TV,etc will present and make report on it.The whole activity is consist of two rounds.The route for the frist round is Baizhang Valley-Wulingyuan Ironic Gate-Shili Gallery-Waters Surrounding Four Gate-Zimu Post with the length of 20 kilometers.

The final round will be kick off on Oct 20th with another bicycling route, That is Tianmen Road (South)-Twin Valley Tunnel-Fairy Fox- Tongtian Road-The Cave of Tianmen Mountain with the length of 16.7 kilometers.It is said that the prize will be fat and pleasant.

By Aileen