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2013 Motor-cycler “Carrying Zhangjiajie” Goes to Tibet with a Journey of 3,000km

“Going to Tibet in motors will be the most unforgettable memory in my life!” exclaimed from Shuangqi Liu who just came back to Zhangjiajie from Tibet on September 10. Excitements express in his face when he talks about riding motor toTibetalone. It is said Shuangqi Liu set out from Wulingyuan on August 26 and arrived in the Potala palace inLhasacity on September 7 after a twelve-day journey across five provinces. The whole journey covers 3,000 km. Then he came back to Zhangjiajie by air on September 9th.

Shuangqi Liu, 24 years old, works in Zhangjiajie Charming Western Hunan Grand Theater and likes playing computers and riding motors. Traveling to Tibet is his biggest dream. He set out on August 26th and started his single journey after made farewell to his families. He says it was planed to take 5 days to arrive in Tibet, but there were many road repairs and it became more difficult to walk with the altitude increased; besides his motor broke down in Sichuan and he bought a new one to resume his journey, thus it took 12 days to arrive in Tibet. “Tough as it is, I met with many motor-cyclers and recommended Zhangjiajie’s beautiful scenery to them, so I am very happy!” indicates Shuangqi Liu.

Shuangqi Liu says frankly he will work hard in his future work and expresses his gratitude to the support from his families and friends. He also wishes to set up a reception station for motor-cyclers, offering more convenience to national motor-cyclers’ traveling to Zhangjiajie.

By Crystal