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2012 China (Hunan) Red Travel Festival to Be Held in Chaling

Chaling is named after Tea and produces the best drink in the world. Chaling County is the only well-preserved stone city dating back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). Yunyang Mountain is known as “The Ancient Nanyue” and it was the first place that Xu Xiake was eager to visit. The Former Site of Chaling Soviet Government is the first county-level soviet government.

The 2012 China (Hunan) Red Tourism Festival will be held in Chaling on May 30. This event aims at improving the travel in Chaling and developing the Yunyang Mountain and Dongyang Lake into a praying place and an ecological resort respectively, upgrading the old district into a historic cultural city, promoting the Former Site of Chaling Soviet Government into an educational base for patriotism and anti-corruption and forging the Chinese Tea Culture Industrial Park into a spiritual home of tea lovers around the world.

Theme activities include large-scale self-drive tour, group wedding ceremony for 100 couples on Yunyang Mountain, signing ceremony of investment attraction, opening ceremony of Mijiang Academy, opening ceremony the event & performances, and cuisine festival.

Former Site of Chaling Soviet Government

Mishui River

Industrial Park of Tea Ancestor Culture

Mijiang Academy

Yunyang Mountain

Ancient Nanyue Palace

The Ancient City of the Southern Song Dynasty

Translator: Zhang Shu

Source: Zhangjiajie Official Web Portal