2011 China Tea Ancestor Festival Kicks off in Hunan

The 2011 China Tea Ancestor Festival & the Activity of Millions of Tea-Lovers Tasting Hunan's Famous Tea was launched in Changsha on April 20.
On the celebration, the activity of tasting Anhua Tea held by Hunan Zhongcha Tea Company attracted a lot of people. According to the head of Hunan Tea Industry Association, teahouses and tea companies in Hunan all set up tea tasting stands, welcoming tea lovers to taste various famous tea of Hunan. The tea industry of Hunan Province issued Honesty Declaration of Hunan's Tea Safety, promising to "strictly comply with commercial morality, produce and sell high quality tea products" and calling to upgrade the festival to a nationwide one so as to commemorate China's tea ancestor- Shennong.
After the launching ceremony, a series of events will also be held, including China Yellow Tea (Yueyang) Summit Forum & Products Exhibition, Tea Culture Activities in Zhuzhou City- the hometown of tea ancestor & Symposium on Tea Industry Development During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, China (Guzhang) First Tea Culture Festival & Tasting Guzhang's Maojian Tea, and Tasting Tea & Commemorating Ancestors in Yanxia Tea Court in Nanyue.

Translator: Li Ling
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal