200 Hunanese Evacuated from Libya

On the evening of Feb. 28, eight Hunanese evacuated from riot-torn Libya arrived in Changsha on a flight chartered by China from Shanghai. They were warmly welcomed at Huanghua International Airport. By far, all the staff of Zhongnan Engineering Corporation working in Libya has returned to China.

Changsha Zhongnan Engineering Corporation contracted to construct a 5,000-suite housing project in west Libya, with about 200 Hunanese participating in the construction. According to relevant chief of the corporation, besides the first group of eight returning this night, another two groups arrived in Beijing by chartered flight on March 1, and the last group reached Guangzhou by plan on the same afternoon.

Affiliated to Hydrochina Corporation, Zhongnan Engineering Corporation is a large comprehensive national A-level investigation and design enterprise. It established a branch company in Libya in 2008 upon approval of Ministry of Commerce of PRC.

Translator: Zhang Minsi
Source:Hunan Official Web Portal