16 Excellent Tour Commentaries Were Amply Rewarded by Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon

16 Excellent Tour Commentaries Were Amply Rewarded with 400,000 Yuan in Yellow Dragon.

On the day when the sodality of “Yellow Dragon Cave • Fenghuang Ancient Town • Charming Group of Divine Song” was held on the Spring Festival on Jan. 23, 2013, the Yellow Dragon Cave rewarded 16 distinctive tour commentaries which were nationwide picked out from the selection activity of “Follow Gold Medal Tourists, Tour Yellow Dragon Fairy Cave” with 400,000 Yuan. 100,000 Yuan went to Yang Kai who won the first prize which was awarded by Ye Wenzhi, the general manager of Yellow Dragon Cave Equity Investment CO.LTD and as well the famous master of travel planning and the third prize with 30,000 Yuan went to Yang Gongyu, one of members in Writers’ Association in Wulingyuan District.

During the competition, nationwide tour guides, literature lovers and travel enthusiasts were attracted to originate tour guide presentations which is of Zhangjiajie folk characteristics and high art level which suited both refined and popular tastes. After fair and professional assessment combining with internet votes, finally 1 first prize winner, 2 second prize winners, 3 third prize winners and 10 winning prize winners were selected out from 82 scripts. In addition, the host, on the sodality, also held grand lottery draw activity. The outstanding winner would win a red Benz with a value of 308,000Yuan.

By Patricia