2013 Zhangjiajie Splendid Lantern Show Was Presented in Downtown

On the day of Lantern Festival on Feb. 24th, the brand new downtown of Zhangjiajie decorated with colorful lanterns was running over with laughter and joy. A splendid grand culture feast which was performed by nearly 2000 people with over 100 excellent mass group’s and professional performing team’s participation exhibited unique custom and sincerity of Tujia people to local residents and tourists.

At 10:18 am., the opening ceremony for Lantern Festival got started at the People’s Square. Over 200,000 local people and tourists indulged in the Lantern Festival, on theme of “Beauty in Zhangjiajie, Carnival on Lantern Festival”, which celebrated with the most primitive singing and dancing and the most splendid exhibition of Lantern Riddles. What’s more, spectacular pageant performance, with drums and gongs beating and dragon and lion parading, brought the Lantern Festival to a climax.

Night falling, flamboyant festive lanterns lighted the city. Highly hanged big red lantern cages, colorful suspended lanterns and interesting lantern riddles made this city a sea of lanterns. In addition, splendid performances like local play, festive lantern, Dayong Chi Gong, weaving-hand dancing and so on won repeated clapping of audience. The whole city was really a sea of joy.

By Patricia