15-Meter Zhangjiajie Landscape Painting Debuted in Shenzhen

On March 27th, A 15-Meter Zhangjiajie landscape painting was debuted in Boya Antique Shop of Shenzhen, Guangdong, Which attracted several local citizens and artists’attention.Such a long picture scroll was created by Yanjing who lives in Beijing and is the Dean of Zhangjiajie Calligraphy and Painting as well as a signed painter of the doudier.com- A famous website on Chinese painting where people can enjoy many painter’s works.

Mr Yang revealed that he was invited to attend an opening ceremony of an activity- Display Grand Painting of Tang Dynasty and Beautiful China, Liujian and Ligang’s Traditional Chinese Painting Co-Exhibitionn in Shenzhen on March 20. To make more people know about his second hometown Zhangjiajie where he lived for about 20 years. He brought this Zhangjiajie Landscape Painting to the ceremony.

Its prototype was from Yubi Peak in Tianzishan and peak forests as well as sea of clouds in Warrior Tames Horses area. It spent a month and was created at the beginning of this year, Which depicted a world-famous unique Zhangjiajie Landscape. This exhibition is to last for 10 days. Quite a few audiences were very enchanted by Zhangjiajie Landscape Painting Scroll that they would like to visit Zhangjiajie someday.It is said that Mr Yang has already reached an primary agreement with Shenzhen Museum that an exclusive display of Zhangjiajie landscape painting will be held in August this year.

Translated by Zumi