《Zhongkui Kills Ghost》Will Frame in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan

3D Magic Film 《Zhongkui Kills Ghost》 will shoot in Wulingyuan from the 30th of this month. During the period, Famous master filmmaker Mr Dexi,Bao will appear in the scene to guide the whole work.

《Zhongkui Kills Ghost》 focuses on action to the demon in addition to the guardians of earth. With a total investment of nearly RMB 200 million, It is scheduled for showing on February 19th, 2015 (The first lunar month). With the full use of the world’s most advanced 3Alityts5 camera, 3D scene shooting and the international first-class dynamic capture technology, even Hollywood special effects and music, It really will be one of the world’s most advanced film technology used for Chinese filmmakers.

《Zhongkui Kills Ghost》 will spend ten days in wulingyuan. The film will focus on Tianzi mountain, Yang Gujie scenic area, Zhangjiajie landform ashes. The sea of clouds celestial landscape element will be the film’s main point. Wulingyuan, The world famous natural scenery, can let the world have a storm of “Avatar”, Also can bring international strength to 《Zhongkui Kills Ghost》.

Translated by Sophia