《Zhongkui Kills Ghost》Finishes Location Filming

On July 8th, 3D Fantasy Film 《Zhongkui Kills Ghost》 has completed location filming work smoothly in the world natural heritage site. Before leaving Wulingyuan area, Film producer, Director of photography, special effects director Mr Bao has expressed his love of Zhangjiajie, and wanted to meet Zhangjiajie at some point this year autumn. Zhangjiajie has beautiful scenery. It is a perfect place for selecting location filming in his next film work.

After effects post-production,There will be two pieces of Zhangjiajie landscape coherence in the film. He believes that it can show dynamic shock Zhangjiajie celestial scene. Referring to the location, He expresses heartfelt thanks to wulingyuan district departments. Zhangjiajie not only has absolute landscape, but also it has service enthusiasm, A kind of home feeling in scenic area.

Translated by Sophia