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《ZHANGJIAJIE ON MIND》to be premired on Forest Protection Festival

From the press conference hold in Changsha on Zhangjiajie International forest park protection festival,It is informed that the first movie,《ZHANGJIAJIE ON MIND》 which records the development of International forest is to release on Oct 12th, the day of Zhangjiajie International forest protection festival.

This movie is backgrounded on Zhangjiajie International Forest Park, telling us a fighting story on several generations of forestry professioinals in Zhangjiajie. It has artistically represent how Zhangjiajie transforms from a common state-owned forestry centre into the first national forest park and into the world-known tourist resort… and the film has spoken highly of the touching stories of forestry people on devoting their youth, life or even soul to the forests and mountains. With the description of extremely sentimental love stories, the revelation of the encouraging spirit of the forestry people, as well as the features of Zhangjiajie folk custom, Tujia Culture and natural beauty, 《ZHANGJIAJIE ON MIND》 has shown a panorama with soul-stirring loves, exciting dreams and Herculean task rolled into one.

By Brenda