《Dream around Zhangjiajie》is being in Shooting

China’s first focus on the theme of national forest park to dream around zhangjiajie is currently underway in the shooting. “Chinese emperor” LiuMu become a farm labor in zhangjiajie.

As we have learned, 《Dream around Zhangjiajie》is based on the development of barren hills, and protect the ecological forest as the background, reproducing the original zhangjiajie forest head LiuKaiLin and an initial group of pioneers with selfless dedication and hard work, bearing the responsibility of the moving and praise-worthy story. It is understood that the film reflected the LiuMu who deductived LinZiRan, educated and returned to city, for the love to the zhangjiajie, pulling the investment construction to zhangjiajie scenic spot, thus leading an unknown history of changing barren hills to be green in zhangjiajie travel development of early period .

It is reported, 《Dream around Zhangjiajie》is also a tribute in 30 anniversary of zhangjiajie scenic area, which expected to release next National Day.

Translated by Sophia