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Wulingyuan Wenzhuang Village, An Eco-friendly Garden in Zhangjiajie

On October 18, 2012, the group of journalists of Trans-Century Cross-China Environmental Protection Tour drove to Wen Zhuang Village in Wulingyuan Resort, only were impressed by the landscape of wild environment, clean roads, newly-built buildings, and smiling faces. When they looked through the windows, they found that that was an area of giant vegetable greenhouses, and there was at least one car in front of every building. This is an eco-friendly garden in Zhangjiajie.

There is a secret buried in those gardens, i.e. sewage disposal system for scattered peasant households. The system guides waste water from bathroom, domestic sewage, and rainwater into three different impounding reservoirs in which water will receive anaerobic treatment. After that, water basically meets the emission standards and then flows into the garden. The water after treatment even can be used as drinking water for livestock. The system can not only manage the clean emission and reuse of sewage but also protect the ground water resource completely.

Translated by Vincent Chou