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Zhangjiajie“South Korea Style”still heats “Golden Week”Holiday draws to end

On Oct 6th, The last two day of “Golden Week” holiday, fine weather still appears in Zhangjiajie. In the morning, when the journalist comes to Tianzi Mount, Yanjiajie and Yellow Dragon Cave, He finds domestic tourists has reduced obviously compared to few days before, while the foreign tourists are mainly from South Korea. Staffs in Yellow Dragon Cave introduces they have received near 1,000 South Korea tourists on Oct 6th, which takes up over 90% of all foreign tourists on that very day.

“If you have filial piety for your parents, you should send them to Zhangjiajie for travelling!” The guide of South Korea agency tells to the journalist at the landmark gate of Wulingyuan, “Every day, children in South Korea take travelling to Zhangjiajie as the best gift for their parents” As why not avoid “Golden Week” travel peak, The guide comments Zhangjiajie is the most mature attraction that receives South Korea tourists in China, and due to the official implementation of the Tourism Law, their sightseeing quality can be guaranteed. Through survey on the scene, They find there is good order in Zhangjiajie and they have good time in here. In order to increase these tourists’ satisfaction, Zhangjiajie has perfected the infrastructure and software service: The sign plates are added with Korean commentary, hotels and restaurants are equipped with kimchi, especially the Yellow Dragon Cave has presented Korean dance freely, making Korean tourists have a good feeling of liking going home.

Since 2002, Zhangjiajie has become the most favorite travel destination by South Korea tourists, and South Korea in a long term has become the largest foreign tourist source country for Zhangjiajie. In the past ten years,Every year there has been over 300,000 South Korea tourists that come to Zhangjiajie for travelling, which takes up about 80% of the total foreign tourists.

South Korea tourists become a beautiful scenery in Wulingyuan.

South Korea tourists have a good time in Yellow Dragon Cave.

South Korea tourists favor Zhangjiajie Baofeng lake.

By Crystal