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Zhangjiajie Zhaoxiaoming met with Australia and New Zealand Delegation

On October 31th, the mayor ZhaoXiaoMing met with Australia, New Zealand delegation. Both sides exchanged opinions about zhangjiajie travel resources exploitation and environmental protection problems.

ZhaoXiaoMing welcomed Australia and New Zealand delegation, briefly introduced the zhangjiajie cities. Zhangjiajie had out of print “zhangjiajie landform”. Since the city built, zhangjiajie relyed on the unique travel resources, changing a backward area to a famous tourist resort. As for the adjustment of industrial structure, environment resources protection, it had also obtained the great result. Now, it walked to international tourist city.

Australia and New Zealand delegation, said in recent years, along with the development of China, overseas Chinese was also happy. Through the more profound understanding and investigation to the zhangjiajie, they appreciated the sufficient charm and passion of zhangjiajie. Zhangjiajie had the unique advantages in resources, better environment protection. They hoped this visit could improve both parties in trade, education, travel promotion etc. Thus making a deeper exchange and cooperation to boost the development of zhangjiajie.

Translated by Sophia