Zhangjiajie Yangjiajie Cableway resumes operation to appreciate the snow

On January 30th, After full de-icing, world natural heritage Zhangjiajie Yangjiajie cableway resumes operation. Nearly time tourists in Zhangjiajie can take the ropeway into Wulingyuan. People can see the world’s unique view on ropeway.

With the ice and snow, it causes Yang Jiajie suspended cableway. After a time of actively deicing, it ultimately ensures the normal operation of ropeway. According to the weather forecast in recent days, Zhangjiajie is still under 0 ℃. Tourism department reminds visitors to pay attention to prevent slippery antifreeze, to ensure safety.

Zhangjiajie Yangjiajie cableway is the 3rd “Air corridor” of wulingyuan district. It is the best means of transport to watch “Zhangjiajie Landscape” scenery.

Translated by Sophia