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Zhangjiajie Yangjiajie Cableway Project is Coming to an End

On March 9th, Yangjiajie ropeway engineering is coming to an end. The construction person is checking on the cableway testing equipment and cableway station, in order to perfect the surrounding infrastructure. It is understood that comprehensive operation of Yangjiajie cableway will be finished in the near future, After the completion people will admire beautiful peak wonders.

Zhangjiajie Yangjiajie ropeway is the 3rd passenger ropeway in Wulingyuan, with a total length of 1971 meters, The height of 517 meters, A total investment of about 170 million yuan. After the completion of ropeway, The running speed is 6m/s, highest single running time is expected to be 5 minutes, An hour maximum capacity for 2,000 people.

With the operation of Yangjiajie cableway, Wulingyuan scenic spot will fully promote the “Western development”. It not only let people know more wonders, But also form an organic body with Huangshi village, Yangjiajie and Tianzi mountains. It is an expansion and improvement of the scenic transportation system and ecological protection.

Translated by Sophia