Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Winter Travel is Flourishing

On December 3rd, Tianzi mountain, Ten miles gallery, Huanglong hole, and other attractions have a lot of visitors, the eco-cars smoothly and orderly shuttle away. According to incomplete statistics, since late November, wulingyuan on an average has above 10000 persons per day, the whole winter travel presents prosperous situation.

Zhangjiajie winter travel is prosperous, mainly following several favorable factors. Firstly, the creative promotion attracts eyeball. Early November, zhangjiajie introduces the first tour edition of the jiangnan STYLE. In the middle of November, zhangjiajie group march zhengzhou, with high-rail way successful promoting winter travel products. In late November, zhangjiajie grand canyon will build the world’s longest glass bridge which passing at home and abroad.

Secondly, the low relative price. Compared with the busy season, zhangjiajie travel winter slightly “quiet”, food, housing, transportation, travel, entertainment, travel consumption index is obviously lower than the tourist season.

Thirdly, the fascinating winter scenery. Winter zhangjiajie has a charm. The mountain enchanting red leaves, the scent of the wild fruit, sea of clouds, the beautiful zhangjiajie landform, all of these adding beautiful scenery, as if a natural oil painting.

Translated by Sophia