Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Will Develop Baofeng Mountain Resort

According to some information, Baofeng lake resort is located in Wulingyuan xiehe township. Because baofeng temple was built in the song dynasty, it has the great name. With synergistic reservoir as a starting point, baofeng mountain as the finish line, wulingyuan international integrated resort travel culture construction according to landform characteristics and in terms of stereoscopic development, try to build a financial landscape sightseeing, leisure and entertainment in a body’s large-scale comprehensive cultural travel resort projects, which covers an area of about 5000 mu.

Within the resort construction, it will set up five-star resort hotel, film and TV culture scenic area, zhangjiajie international cultural creative area, scenic sports park, folk happy town project. It will introduce “Chinaeconomic BBS “50 people, the elderly Chinese BBS”, to build “Zhangjiajie international art exchange center”, “Zhangjiajie festival” and outdoor sporting events festivals.

Wulingyuan international comprehensive cultural travel resort stands in baofeng mountain. It will accelerate the construction process of wulingyuan international travel leisure resort, give more colorful zhangjiajie travel products, and improve the grade of zhangjiajie travel.

Translated by Sophia