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Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan “Civilized City in Action” Activities will be opened

On April 24th, the WuLingYuan theme activity plan “civilized city in action” has been finalized. It will regard “civilized city in action” as the theme, to address the key and difficult problems of the urban development, make efforts to improve the urban environment, urban civilization degree and the citizen civilized quality.

“Civilized city in action” mainly includes: the establishment of urban elderly volunteer, the civilization management persuasion activities, the management of special traffic illegal activity, etc. The activities will be launched in May and ends in December.

Through the activities, they hope to enhance civilization and social morality consciousness, making common citizens actively participate in corrective, prominent and civilized behaviors. They decide to arrange public order, public facilities, further promoting the in-depth development of cultural and ethical progress. Finally, in the whole society, they hope to form good atmosphere of “everyone participate in, create civilization”, laying the foundation for the provincial civilized city, trying to make matches with the world travel image.

Translated by Sophia