Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Came into Rnol Brand Column “Find Beauty in Hunan”

On June 16th, Rnol brand column “Find beauty in Hunan”showed Wulingyuan. As we have learned, Wulingyuan is Zhangjiajie first district that walked into the column.

“Find beauty in hunan” Wulingyuan includes impression, Beautiful scenery, notes, Beautiful articles, Beautiful people and beauty wind. It illustrates the wonderland, beautiful scenery and colorful customs.

Find beauty in Hunan is an early 2014 brand columns. It is meticulously designed to show comprehensive, Deep and perspectives of external display and promote “Beautiful” in Hunan’s spectacular. With widely condensing scientific development positive energy, Wulingyuan successfully comes into the “Find beauty in Hunan”, which will further enhance the visibility and reputation of its own travel brand.

Translated by Sophia