Zhangjiajie Welcomes Large Outbound Travel Business, New Breakthroughs in Vietnam

On March 12, Vietnam, Director-general of the department of national travel administration of travel, gives his own appreciation of the world natural heritage Zhangjiajie Yuan Gujie magnificent stage to travel business delegation. The delegation with a total of 111 people, it is the first major overseas trip for Zhangjiajie since the spring.

It is understood that the delegation in addition to Vietnam national travel administration of officials and the media, the rest are Vietnam travel service and travel club heads. Expeditions by Vietnam, Zhangjiajie travel department attaches great importance to it.

The inspection activity is organized by CITS Zhangjiajie tianma and Guangxi CITS overseas jointly, to develop Zhangjiajie travel market of Vietnam. The whole activity will be ended on 14th, Vietnam delegation will successively be invited to examine the Tianmen mountain, Wulingyuan, xiangxi phoenix ancient city scenic spots, etc.

The director-general of Vietnam national travel administration has said, Zhangjiajie enjoys a good reputation in the world. In the field, the natural scenery lets people have much infatuation. A traveling salesman from Hanoi, Vietnam has said after returning, he will share Zhangjiajie nature to more and more people as soon as possible. In May this year, it is expected that a group of tourists will open a trip to Zhangjiajie.

Translated by Sophia