Zhangjiajie Travel Website Cooperation with Baidu Sky-eye Is Under Way

Recently, Baidu Sky-eye has successfully been launched on online Apple App Store. This App could help you search dynamic flying status, information and flying track of all domestic flights. Skyeye user could know flight number, departure place, destination and current altitude, flying speed, longitude and latitude by clicking icon of small plane on skyeye App. You could know more than those information. Even every plane’s actual flying track could be showed by Baidu sky-eye.

Zhangjiajie travel information website are preparing for cooperation with Baidu sky-eye to bridgehttp://tianyan.baidu.com and http://tianyan.cn-zhangjiajie.cn  together. At that time, it will bring convenience to tourists who want to search for Zhangjiajie flight information at any time and any place. It is believed to service Zhangjiajie travel better.

Translated By Patricia