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Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain Rank into the Country Card “Beautiful China”

On May 19th, in order to tie in with the propaganda of the third chinese travel day, the national postal department issues a formal “beautiful China” (Group 1) ordinary stamps. This group with a total of six stamps, the second is wulingyuan tianzishan mountain scenery. As we have learned, tianzi mountain is zhangjiajie’s boutique scenic spot, which has already been the third time on national card. However, it is the first time that having “zhangjiajie tianzi mountain” as the name stamp.

This year, (First Group) “beautiful China” is issued by the number 32, with a set of six. The iconic attraction, Yubi peak regards as the symbol of “zhangjiajie tianzi mountain”, and the value is 80 points.

On September 25th,1994,among “wulingyuan” special stamp, because of “Yubi peak”, zhangjiajie tianzi mountain had the first chance to rank in national card. Although it is the fourth one, it values 1 yuan. In 2009, tanzi mountain cableway enabled the postage tickets, zhangjiajie tianzi mountain with the picture of Yubi peak went on national postal card, 60 points.

In addition, this year with “zhangjiajie tianzi mountain”, “beautiful China” (Group one) has other five stamps, such as Fujian Ningde Xiapu beach(80 points), Hainan three sand islands(1.20 yuan), Liaoning Panjinjiang red beach(1.2 yuan), Guangxi longsheng terrace(1.50 yuan), Jiangsu Xinghua field(3 yuan). They are all designed by the famous designer Wang Huming who enjoy “the state council special allowance”.

Translated by Sophia