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Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Witnessing Nearly 10,000 Visitors in Buddhism Lucky Day

As July 26th is the traditional lucky day of Buddhism, Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount–“The First Holy Mount in Xiangxi” witnesses tens of thousands of pilgrims and believers from Xiangxi and other surrounding areas. On two o’clock in the morning, there is a long queue in Tianmen ropeway station and it increases to over 4,000 people till 7:30. A long queue of nearly one kilometer circles in the square and incessant visitors are keeping coming. By 15:00pm, Tianmen Mount receives over 8,000 visitors, which records a new peak of the numbers accepting in one week. It is supposed to have over 10,000 visitors in July 26th.

A special prayer meeting is kicked off in Tianmen mount temple, praying for peace for the world, prosper and good weather for the crops. On 10:20am, the meeting is officially issued on which Master Rong sheng of Tianmen Mount temple leads two groups people to chant sutras. Chanting Sanskrit and sunray resounding in the splendid buddhas hall, devout men and women keep coming for presenting their incenses, and a atmosphere of peace, quiet and mascot curling up in the air. After the ceremony, the believers come to depositarry of Buddhist texts where the bard sarira of Sakyamuni kept.

In order to have a good reception in the lucky day and secure the safety, many protective measures have been prepared in advance, such as transport facility safety, ticketing, medical aid and propaganda. All personnel of the scenic spot are on their work for the ticketing time is brought forward on 5:20am and the time for ropeway operation is on 6:00 in advance.

By Crystal