Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan All-around Opened and “Tianmen Fox Fairy” Replayed

As spring comes, living creatures wake up. After a winter’s closing, the first large scale mountainous live show“Tianmen Fox Fairy” will be firstly showed at Tianmenshan Canyon Theater, at 20:00PM, on March 12 this year. At the same time,the temporally closed Tianmenshan 99-curve Passage as well as Tianmen Cave due to winter freezing will also reopened on March 16, so will the scenic eco-cars. From that on, guests are able to experience Tianmenshan Special all-route travel,“Climbing the mountain in the morning, watching fox fairy show annight”.

More than 500 Foxes cast members are rehearsing intensely for the moment. Parts of the equipment and stage facilities have been updated at the same time. A few stage moves also have been adjusted slightly. All aim to offer an audiovisual feast for audience all around the world.

A warm tip from Tianmenshan scenic area says the ticket price will change from 225 RMB to 258 RMB since the opening of the Tianmen Cave and eco-cars. From March to May, it is the best season to go on spring outing and enjoy flowers like azaleas and Chinese dove flowers, the flowers blooming together, making a beautiful view that one can only see in Tianmenshan. If you want to feast your eyes on them, just don’t hesitate to start your journey at Tianmenshan.

Translated by Zumi