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Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain National Park Attracted Camera Awesome

Since the curtain-up of 2013 Zhangjiajie “Legendary Tianmen Mountain” National Photography Competition in April 29th, more and more camera awesome has participated in. There are over a hundred photographers from inside and outside Hunan Province has already taken part in this event.

Now, people can find photographers carrying photographic equipments here and there in Tianmen Mountain. All are concentrating on looking for all kinds of themes. Under photographers’ camera, flowers, stones, trees, etc. show unique fascination. Despite of the continuous rain these days, many photographers still dedicatedly climb to the top of Tianmen Mountainin order to wait for sea of clouds when sun shines again after the rain. When asked why they feel so enthusiastic about this competition, their answers are almost the same, Now that entering this race, I should be serious. We are also so happy that the committee offers us the free opportunities to enter the mountain and take pictures. We should treasure it and work hard to take good-quality photos so that giving Zhangjiajie good publicity.

Here is a warm prompt given by the committee, the present season with flowers in full blossom and sea of clouds appears constantly is too wonderful for every camera awesome to miss.

Translated by Becky