Zhangjiajie Puerarin Crisp won the Gold Medal in Hunan Travel Industry Exposition

On September 19th, In 2014 China (fifth) Hunan Tourism Industry Exposition, Zhangjiajie Puerarin Crisp was awarded the gold medal. It was understood that the competition had named 7 gold medals, 14 silver medals and 20 bronze medals. As we all known, Puerarin Crisp is the only gold medal of Zhangjiajie travel commodities.

Zhangjiajie Puerarin crisp travel products were developed with great concentration, Combined with modern baking radix. It was a classic dim with Zhangjiajie characteristics. When tasting, We not only can feel Zhangjiajie original ecological natural kudzu root, Also can fully absorb the puerarin of various nutrients.

Translated by Sophia