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Zhangjiajie Provides Free Ticket to Global Primary and Secondary Students

This year, almost all the scenic spots surge the ticket price in succession.However,Zhangjiajie scenic spot years decide no longer to have a rise in price, and will provide preferential policies to primary and secondary school students.

Zhangjajie is the world natural heritage and world geological park, whose reception of domestic and overseas tourists reached to 35.9 million last year. Zhangjiajie scenic spot formulates free ticket policy to the global primary and secondary school students under the age of 19. When the Policy is approved, primary and secondary school students with the id card, student card or passport, will have a chance to visit zhangjiajie without charge for ticket.

At present, the way of zhangjiajie travel development can be summarized as “from sightseeing travel to multi-dimensional complex travel”, it means shifting from relying solely on tickets income to introduce diversified travel products.

Translated by Sophia