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Zhangjiajie MTV《The Love of Diaojiao House》Started Shooting in Shiyanping 

Zhangjiajie MTV《The Love of Diaojiao House》 Started shooting in Shiyanping, Yongding, Zhangjiajie. Famous song lyrics writer Jin Sha cooperated with the composer Fu wei,The vice chairman of Zhangjiajie Musician Association.(Diaojiao House is a special ethnic wooden house in southern China)

With a long history and rich culture, Shiyanping has rich colorful folk arts and strong folk customs. Besides, it has natural beautiful mountains and rivers, Original rural sights and 100 some Diaojiao house rewarded as“The classic of Chinese ethnic house”. Its Tujia Agriculture culture is famous at home and abroad. The village here there always hope to create a song for their hometown.

Mr Hu gathered a team of professional Video studio to there. The MTV would be shot from April 4th to 7th. A few students from Zhangjiajie Chongshi South School acted in the MTV. During these days, some local residents, foreign guests and photographer lovers came to there. Li ciyong, the singer of 《The Love of Diaojiao House》 appeared on the spot. He said that as Zhangjiajie is his hometown, he would work hard to make an excellent MTV”

Translated by Zumi