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Zhangjiajie Longfeng Terraces was Selected for“The Most Beautiful Field in China”

Recently, Zhangjiajie Longfeng terraces successfully entered the marketing activity of “The Most Beautiful Field in China”. Now, this activity entered into showcase stage. Network voting will be ended on 2013-9-15.

As reported, General office of the ministry of agriculture decided to launch an activity “The Most Beautiful Field in China” in order to promote special farming landscape.

Historical Longfeng terraces is famous for its unique national feature. It is the best preserved and most primitive terrace. In additional, Longfeng terraces comprehensively show Tujia people’s farming culture.

After the first-round select, 347 scenes entered the next round nationwide, including 12 in Hunan province. After that, these scenes will be incorporated to China’s beautiful idyllic picture album and the beautiful pastoral desk calendar, which will promote the development of Longfeng terraces, establish a brand new image for rural travel and publicize Zhangjiajie at the same time.

Translated by Becky