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Zhangjiajie Local Specialty Electronic Commerce Association Founded

On September 17th, Zhangjiajie Local Specialty Electronic Commerce Association holds the first general meeting namely the founding conference. Leaders from Zhangjiajie commercial bureau and Zhangjiajie civil affairs bureau reveal the plate for its foundation. Officials from Zhangjiajie commercial bureau, Zhangjiajie civil affairs bureau, industrial and commercial bureau and CCB attend the meeting, along with 43 representatives from Zhangjiajie logistics and suppliers.

On the first general meeting, Association Dues Payment Standard, Zhangjiajie Local Specialty Electronic Commerce Constitution and the Ways on Electing Association Council have been deliberated and approved; association president, vice-president and secretary-general have been elected and Xia sheng is elected the association president.

With the purpose to develop Zhangjiajie local specialty e-commerce, service e-businessman and to serve the society, on May 13, 2013, 34 specialty internet businesses and individual households advocated to set up local Specialty Electronic Commerce Association. The preparation has undergone five months and its foundation signs Zhangjiajie local specialty internet businessmen have their own trade organization and Zhangjiajie local specialty E-commerce leads to a way of orderly and normative development road.

After the approval by Zhangjiajie Civil Affairs Association and with the operational guidance from Zhangjiajie commercial bureau, there are 51 memberships. The foundation of the association plays an important role in the norm of the management of local specialty E-commerce, promoting the development of local specialty E-commerce and expanding Zhangjiajie travel commodity economy and accelerating the E-commerce of travel commodity economy around Zhangjiajie.

In the light of “Just, unit, serve” the association will actively conduct its work and lead all memberships to strengthen Zhangjiajie E-commerce, which may make contribution to Zhangjiajie’s economic construction and social progress.

By Crystal