Zhangjiajie Lantern Festival Celebrated: Original Ethnic Artistic Performance

The 2014 Zhangjiajie Lantern Festival Folk Art Performance (one of the 2014 Zhangjiajie Spring Festival Ethnic Cultural Activities) began on the morning of February, 14, attracting numerous people. Two hundred thousand people of all ethnic groups and visitors sang and danced joyously to celebrate the festival. The streets of the central area of Zhangjiajie became a performance stage. More than 100 artistic groups toured and performed along the streets, including local original folk art performances such as the Nuo Opera of Tujia ethnic group, Zhangjiajie Yang Opera, Festival Lantern, and Dayong Qigong.

The 2014 Spring Festival Ethnic Cultural Activities included three parts: the Lantern Show, the Spring Festival Cultural Activity Week, and the Celebration of Lantern Festival. This is an important measure to upgrade Zhangjiajie, accelerate the integration of its ethnic culture and travel, and promote the transformation and upgrading of travel industry. It also serves as a cultural travel card created with the efforts of all the citizens of Zhangjiajie.

At the Lantern Festival folk artistic performance site

The dragon lantern play

The clamshell lantern

Translator: Shen Zuolin

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal