Zhangjiajie Landscape Recorded in A Foreign-oriented Propaganda Show“Poetic China”

On July 21st, The camera group in charge of foreign-oriented propaganda show“Poetic China” finished a featured shooting at World Natural Heritage Site”Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan core scenic area”. After visiting Shuiraosimen, Bailong Ladder, The World’s first Bridge, Back Garden, Sandie Waterfall and so on, The group shot Zhangjiajie’s unique beautiful mountains, rivers, bridges as well as caves in a amazing and brilliant way. It is said that the show will be broadcast firstly on National Geographic Channel of American TV station during next summer,followed a few other countries’s TV station.

Coproduced by Information Office of the State Council, Singapore producer and New Zealand producer, the show lasts 2 hours. It will introduce china’s natural and cultural resorts in a actual setting. Li Pei, The producer of Information Office of the State Council revealed that the world’s unique Zhangjiajie landscape would take up 15 minutes to present its formation, feature and worth.

Translated by Zumi