Water and Power Supply Restored in Most Area of Fenghuang Ancient Town

On July 17, the flood in Fenghuang Ancient Town gradually receded as the rain became smaller. People organized by the local government were busy cleaning the streets hit by the flood. Though the scenic area was still closed, water supply was restored in 50% area and power supply in 85% area of the town. 

When the disaster fell, the local government quickly evacuated surrounding people and tourists, and set up temporary shelters for tourists at Nanhua Gate, Phoenix Grand Hotel, and the Cultural Square. According to the local authority, up to July 16, 23,772 tourists were transferred, no one injured or dead. Meanwhile, through timely contact between the local government and travel agencies, 33,187 tourists were persuaded to return. 

The streets and shopfronts near the river were hit seriously, with some places covered by mud of half a chi (about 16.7 centimeters). People were busy cleaning the mud by pumping water from the river.

Translator: Tang Li

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal