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Zhangjiajie Landform to be Inserted to “Beautiful China” Regular Stamps

According to news from China philatelic portal, China Post will officially release the first set of the“Beautiful China” regular stamps on May 19th–China Tourism Day. Stamp values of the first set stamp include 80 cents, 80cents, 1.2RMB, 1.2RMB, 1.5 RMB and 3RMB.

A insider points that as Zhangjiajie’s splendid natural scenery and folk customs have been accepted by tourists both from home and abroad, the entry of Zhangjiajie’s landform scenery to this set stamp will play an important role in promoting, recommending and displaying Zhangjiajie.

Regular stamps serves for “National Card”, displaying the country’s culture and features characterized with wide usage, strong utilitarianism of their par values and long usage periodicals. Besides, Zhangjiajie has introduced a serial of stamps such as postcard, travel passport and individual post. This little calling card is favorable to promoting Zhangjiajie’s popularity and reputation.

Translated by Crystal