Zhangjiajie Huangshi Village Passenger Ropeway has an eleven-day Self-examination

On February 24th, Zhangjiajie Huangshi village passenger ropeway begins an eleven-day annual “Check-up”. On March 6th, it will be on normal operation.

Ropeway check-up this year, compared with the past a long time, major maintenance project is on replacing all rope wheel bearing, and the rope wheel shaft are nondestructive flaw detection, also of cableway line support for routine maintenance overhaul. During this Self-examination, it will organize staff business skills, safety operation and English intensive training.

Zhangjiajie Huangshi village passenger ropeway in 2009 has carried on the qualitative upgrade, safe operation has been more than five years, more than twenty thousand hours, safe transport visitors last year 780,000 people.

Translated by Sophia