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Zhangjiajie Huangshi Village Appearing Beautiful Autumn Sunrise and Sea of Clouds

According the source from Zhangjiajie official website, Zhangjiajie Yellow Stone Village appeared charming autumn sunlight and sea of clouds on September 28th, at 8:00am. Hundreds of Guests as well as shutterbugs at home and abroad were intoxicated in this wonderland, happy and exciting.

Due to a few rainy days on end since September 24th, it helps to create a favorable weather for autumn sunlight and sea of clouds. Under the clear sky after rain, Zhangjiajie Yellow Stone Village is picturesque with dream-like stagger light and shadow. The peak in area of Liuqige sometimes passes through the clouds, sometimes submerged in the crowd, attracting the scream of many guests and the shutter sound of photographers.

The meteorological department said that Zhangjiajie will have a fine weather in the National Holiday. Tourist insiders indicated that many self-help travelers are likely to taking a tour of enjoying sunrise in Zhangjiajie Yellow Stone Village as their first choice.

By Zumi