Zhangjiajie Huanglong Hole shows precious curling stone landscape

Recently, the perennial photographer working in Zhangjiajie Huanglong scenic area sees curling stone landscape, and takes beautiful picture. Earlier, after a lot of scientific research in Huanglong hole,without curling stone record, the curling stone would fill the gaps in Huanglong cave landscape category.

Curling stone is a very strange and rare stalactites landscape, its growth beyond the category of gravity control, which can stretch out in any direction.

Huanglong hole is an important part of the world natural heritage, world geopark Zhangjiajie scenic spot, which has the first batch of national 5A level scenic spot. Stalagmites, stone pillars and stone curtain in the hole, are complete, wide variety, colorful, beautiful, breathtaking, which is our country most famous tourist cave.

Translated by Sophia