Zhangjiajie Huanglong Hole Recieved 55,000 People During Golden Week

Seven-day National Day formally ended, and Zhangjiajie major scenic spots were very hot. The “Chinese best tourist cave” , huanglong scenic area was popular among tourists. On October 1st to 7th, it had 55,000 Chinese and foreign tourists.

Self-driving tour became a new luminescent spot. Golden week, huanglong hole 500 parking places were full. It carried more than 1000 cars every day. The reception number of self-driving tourists bacame a half of the total 55,000 reception.

“Korean wave” became a fashion on National Day. Since the golden week, every day we can see an endless stream of south Korean tourist in huanglong scenic area. South Korean tourists accounted for more than 90% of the overseas customers. The huanglong scenic area was equipped with special Korean announcers to explain.

Translated by Sophia